In a world where a growing chasm between privilege and despair, wealth and poverty, opens up, the affluent elite reside behind gleaming skyscrapers and opulent villas, shielded from the harsh realities outside their gated communities.

Simultaneously, a dark underworld thrives amidst dilapidated buildings and neglected alleyways. Here, marginalized masses struggle for survival, grappling with poverty, crime, and despair.

„The Gap,“ as it is ominously called, is not just a physical divide but a social chasm where access to basic necessities like education, healthcare, and justice is a luxury for the few. While the privileged indulge in excess and luxury, the disadvantaged desperately struggle to make ends meet.

Despite the vast divide, the destinies of these two worlds remain intertwined. The abundance of the upper world is built on the backs of the exploited masses of the underworld, whose labor drives the economy while they themselves languish in the shadows.

As tensions escalate and disparities deepen, the question arises: How long can such a divided society survive before collapsing under the weight of its own inequality?

To create these images I worked with Rhinoceros 3D, Twinmotion, Vizcom AI and Adobe Photoshop.



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