Meester Rietveld Zig Zag chair @object_designer


This is a homage to Gerrit Rietveld’s Zig Zag chair. Gerrit Rietveld designed the original Zig Zag chair between 1930 and 1934. The Zig Zag chair is a minimalistic design without legs, made by 4 flat wooden slabs merged in a Z-shape using dovetailed and bolted or screwed joints. (1)

Instead of 4 flat wooden slabs, I choose a single 8mm sheet of steel and bend it. The backrest is longer and decorated with a zig zag shape.

Meester Rietveld Zig Zag chair top @object_designer
Meester Rietveld Zig Zag @object_designer
Meester Rietveld @object_designer