Cabin Taxi front perspective @object_designer


Cabin Taxi is a ridesharing service with self driving vehicles that offers travelers privacy.

In future ridesharing concepts travelers share a cabin. The providers advertise with the social interaction during the journey. But the travelers are mostly strangers to each other. The space and distance between travelers is small. There can be awkward interactions, people can be noisy, smell bad, and infections can occur.

A 2020 survey by Jabbari and MacKenzieshows that even before the COVID19 pandemic, people in the US were uncomfortable sharing trips with others. Respondents are now less willing to share rides with strangers to save money. (1)

You book a ride via the app. The app informs you about the location and time of the next available vehicle. The reserved vehicle can be identified by the vehicle number. The vehicle has 3 cabins for 1-2 people each. When the vehicle is stationary, the QR code on the door can be scanned. The door of the reserved cabin will open automatically. Opaque glass walls separate the cabins from each other. There are folding seats in the cabins, which when folded offer space for luggage, strollers and wheelchairs. Stops with adjusted curb height enable ground level access. If the vehicle stops with a step at the entrance, a ramp can be extended automatically.

Cabin Taxi front @object_designer
Cabin Taxi side @object_designer
Cabin Taxi back perspective @object_designer